ChumMe is the first free, exclusively platonic app for making friends and meeting people. Most apps are thinly veiled dating apps, even though they may not be billed as dating apps. ChumMe is an app for making friends. It is not easy to make new friends, especially in today’s ever so busy pace. People work longer, harder, and move to new cities in greater numbers. Not everyone is into a the bar/club scene and even if they are, are they really meeting quality people after a few drinks?

Transplants new to a city may find it tough to meet people. Individuals who are self-employed or work from home have no outlets to make new friends through employment. Career oriented people are often “too busy” to make friends. Do we need to mention how tough it is to make friends when you have kids? There are also people who are tired of their friends or have outgrown their friends. Perhaps your partner in crime has moved away to another city.

Wouldn’t it be nice to weed through people who may not be a good fit for you - platonically, speaking, that is - from the comfort of your own home?

ChumMe helps solve the problem of meeting new people - with no underlying romantic agenda!


We have compiled a list of some activities that may help you make friends with common interests. If you’re looking for someone to do something specific, then alter filter your results to refine your search. Add as many of your interests so others may find you when searching for a particular interest or activity. The list contains interests so feel free to check activities that you’ve always wanted to try, even if you have no experience in that particular activity. Why not do them all? Life’s short - live it to the fullest!

Something missing in our list? Suggest one!