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Why are so many people interested in ChumMe?


Lauren - North Carolina

I moved from NYC to Raleigh not long ago. Leaving a place to familiar to a new city can be daunting as you have to rebuild relationships and find people to join you on your daily adventures. ChumMe is a great tool to help me connect with new people in a much greater capacity than traditional meet ups that can be quite time-consuming.


Paul - Texas

I enjoy few things more than off-roading in my Jeep and golfing. Since most of my friends don't have Jeeps or golf, it's tough to do those activities on a regular basis. With ChumMe, I can meet other people with similar interests and setup tee times with them to hit the links. Starting with something in common makes it easy to find common ground and start a hopefully long-lasting friendship without the fuss.


Sara - California

My group of girl friends are amazing and fun. Sometimes, we can't always get together, though, and it's nice to have an app like ChumMe to meet other girls for a coffee and little chit chat. I like how you can search by proximity since it's always easier to hang out with someone near you in Southern California, where you don't have to fight traffic for a latte break.


Steve - Florida

Every once in a while, it would be convenient to find a buddy near me to catch a beer and watch the game at the local sports pub. Even better would be someone who roots for my teams like UConn in the NCAA and the Jets in the NFL. ChumMe allows me to search for guys in my area who are also fans of sports so we can commiserate on the Jets blowing it in December. Can someone say butt fumble?!


Erica - Kentucky

I like playing sports like volleyball because I find it a stress reliever and appreciate the camaraderie of hanging with friends after the game. There are occasions when we need to find players and there wasn't always an easy way to find people who might be interested in sub-ing for our game - until ChumMe. Now I can filter by volleyball and all the people who play in my area will show up. I can simply reach out and message them with details and ask if they can step in.


Kamran - New York

My group of friends have changed over the years, especially as I have started a family. It seems that more and more, it's easier to hang with other couples with children for play dates and fun for the kids. I can easily find other couples with kids nearby who might be interested in getting the family together for an afternoon in the park - when the weather permits, of course!