ChumMe is a revolutionary app, which allows people to meet. ChumMe lets you control what you share about yourself and who you want to associate with.
ChumMe means friendly, similar to chummy. It's a place for people to meet in a friendly way, based on proximity or interests.
No. ChumMe is meant to connect strangers who have something in common. There are plenty of dating apps out there - ChumMe is a platonic app. Should romance make it's way in there, great - but this is not the goal of ChumMe. It's for people get become chummy - or as we call it, ChumMe!
The app takes all necessary safeguards to protect user information. User data is encrypted with the standard protocols.

When it comes to meeting others, we recommend you take all necessary precautions when you meet someone you don't know. Meet in a public place. Let someone else know where you are going. If possible, get the phone number of the person you are meeting beforehand and confirm it works. Drive yourself to the location or take a taxi.

Users may be verified by other Facebook users who can confirm they've meet the ChumMe user in person. We ask that Facebook users only "Boost" the ChumMe score if they have known the person for an extended period of time and met them face-to-face.

ChumMe users may also "Boost" the ChumMe credence score. Other ChumMe users who "Boost" a ChumMe score holds more weight than Facebook users since the app is all about meeting new people.

Users who meet in person, and confirm their meeting, automatically "Boost" each other's score. Optionally, if the meeting went well and there was a good vibe, a user can provide an extra Boost.

Each individual "Boost" raises a user's credence score, which accumulates to bring the ChumMe user to higher trusted rankings.
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ChumMe is launching on iOS and Android, respectively. Users must be at least 18 years old, and have a valid Facebook account
ChumMe is an app for real people to meet real people. A Facebook account is required to confirm someone's identity - to make sure they're real, with real friends, and US residents. New/fake facebook accounts do not qualify for legitimate ChumMe accounts. ChumMe wants users to feel comfortable meeting people - Facebook is one way to do it.

Facebook Interaction

ChumMe requires your date of birth and profile pics (up to 5) to confirm your identity. We recommend you share your friends (in case you want to prevent friends from seeing your ChumMe account), schools, Likes, Cities, places you've worked, and previous checkins. We recommend that so you can find others who have something in common with you.

User Profile

Users are sorted in two ways:
1) proximity to your location, or
2) relevance based on what you have in common with others. You get to choose how you want others to be sorted. Relevance looks at where you've lived, schools you've attended, previous likes, and other information.